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Cell culture automation for r&d labs

Affordable, time-saving, easy to use
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In-vitro cell culture :
an unchanged routine for over 70 years

The cell culture process in itself hasn’t really been upgraded since the HeLa days.

Every year :
Biologist in a laboratory

100M hours

of costly expert manpower spent in time consuming and repetitive cell culture tasks

Over 100M USD

lost in cell culture contaminations

2/3 scientists

wishing for more home-office since COVID-19

Automation is needed, but out of reach :

The Nestor System

Game-changing price, no protocol change.
Automation now affordable.
Game-changing price,
no protocol change.
Automation now affordable.

Intuitive and easy to use

Simply plug your own regular flasks/plates, and instantly free your time for higher-value research work.

Modulable & Versatile

Connect up to 10 independently controlled flasks/plates
Combine it with additional systems : chemical sensors, microscopy…

Ultra-Compact & Portable

With as little as 2 A4 sheets in footprint, and a weight under 5kg, you can freely move it around in the lab.

For labs of all sizes and budgets

Automate the most time consuming tasks in your cell culture processes, for an investment in the range of any other basic lab equipment (and get a return on your investment  within 12 to 24 months only).

Nestor by Cellaven

NESTOR benefits

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Up to 1 day per week saved

in cell culture workload
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of culture medium used
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of your cell culture process, now automated
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contamination risks
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reproducibility for your assays

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Born from the frustrating experience of spending too many hours and week-ends in the cell culture room.
Cellaven, and its Nestor System, have been created (and backed-up), by a team of lab-savvy and electronic experts.
Our mission : improving scientists day-to-day lives in the lab, allowing them to focus on what really matters – Science.

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